Off the Path

“Whatever you do,” I call from the door, “don’t leave the path.” Melanie looks at the carpet of blazing leaves to either side of her, then offers me a bemused smile. “No. Wouldn’t want to trample your verdant lawn.” “It’s not that,” I say as I receive her from the stone path into my home, […]

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Pages of Dust, Volume III

Pages of Dust, Volume 3 Book Cover

Do You Dare to Look into the Face of Terror? If so, read on. These stories will draw you into the horrifying unknown, where the dead scratch their way into the world of the living. A string of mysterious emails spells doom for whoever receives them. A security guard faces off against an unfathomable terror. […]

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Pages of Dust, Volume II

Pages of Dust, Volume 2 Book Cover

A Ghostly Breath, A Hollow Voice, An Icy Touch The darkest specters of human imagination crawl once more from their shadowed corners. A patient flees the jaws of a hungry monster. A man faces the ghosts of his deranged parents. A father searches a haunted wilderness for his missing son. Turn these pages with care. […]

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Pages of Dust, Volume I

Pages of Dust, Volume 1 Book Cover

Sinister Ghosts, Vengeful Dolls, Hungry Vampires A farmer pays the ultimate price for a good harvest. A boy disturbs a forbidden room filled with hate. A husband learns the secret of his wife’s illness through a fatal encounter. These and other dark horrors lurk within the pages of this chilling collection. So turn down the […]

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Knock. It was a strange time for someone to be knocking on the door. A strange time for someone to even be awake. But I’d been having a strange dream, so I guess the strangeness of real life seemed normal by comparison. In the dream, I’d been standing in a dark hallway. There was someone […]

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The Only Thing We Have to Fear

My dad always said the way to beat your fear was to face it. So much of fear, after all, is not knowing. If you know, you won’t be afraid. That’s why, for a week when I was a child, I slept with one arm dangling off the bed, within easy reach of whatever might […]

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“You see, we realized that it was drawing its power from us. That our fear was its strength. Every time we saw it, heard it, we made it more potent. The solution was obvious to us then: ignore it. Pretend it didn’t exist. So we just locked the door.” She stared at me, at my […]

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Windows to the Soul

For a long time, debate raged over whether or not there existed such a thing as a soul. Science nearly discredited the entire idea, but then came the breakthrough. The soul became an accepted fact of human existence, as widely believed in as the existence of the stomach. Of course, there’s a big difference between […]

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