Pages of Dust Sale

With the summer heat bearing down, we could all use some chills. So this week, you can get the Kindle editions of the Pages of Dust anthology for just $0.99 each! The sale ends at 11:p.m. on Friday the 16, so hurry! Pages of Dust, Volume 1 Pages of Dust, Volume 2 Pages of Dust, Volume […]

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Pages of Dust, Volume II

Pages of Dust, Volume 2 Book Cover

A Ghostly Breath, A Hollow Voice, An Icy Touch The darkest specters of human imagination crawl once more from their shadowed corners. A patient flees the jaws of a hungry monster. A man faces the ghosts of his deranged parents. A father searches a haunted wilderness for his missing son. Turn these pages with care. […]

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Pages of Dust, Volume I

Pages of Dust, Volume 1 Book Cover

Sinister Ghosts, Vengeful Dolls, Hungry Vampires A farmer pays the ultimate price for a good harvest. A boy disturbs a forbidden room filled with hate. A husband learns the secret of his wife’s illness through a fatal encounter. These and other dark horrors lurk within the pages of this chilling collection. So turn down the […]

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Four Young Friends

Four young friends, walking unaware, Laughter drifting through autumn air. They do not see, They do not care. Three friends walking, unaware. They don’t feel a patient stare. He’s not there, They don’t care. Two friends creep, each one scared. Suspicious, they don’t dare Cry out: “Who’s there?” One friend crawls, aware. He saw it […]

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Malicious Lullaby

Sleep tight, my darling. Do not fret For things that lie below your bed, that plot and wait for you to sleep Ere crawling out from underneath. Goodnight, my darling. Do not fear Whatever noises you may hear: The groaning of a ghostly step, The sighing of a chilly breath. Rest now, my darling. Just […]

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I Grin

The writhing flame inside my skull Blackens me from within— But still I grin. The heated smoke pours out my eyes, Curls my shriveling skin— And still I grin. The scent of my burnt flesh ascends, Dark perfume on the wind— Through all, I grin. When the flame’s at last extinguished, Dawn finds my face […]

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An October Walk

Stirred by autumn’s icy gasp, The mist-veiled pathway Dances beneath my tired feet, And the crimson leaves Whisper secrets overhead Before cascading Lifeless to the frozen earth.

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On the icy wind I hear the cry And feel the sadness of those who died As winter fingers stole away The promise of another day. As snow blows through the rotten walls And drifts along the creaking halls, Mocking specters, who now in death Delight in robbing me of rest, Circle around my poor […]

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Spectral Masquerade

The orchestra strikes its haunting tune And dancers gather ’neath the light of the moon As it peers through the windows on the twirling parade Of red and gold masks—such a festive charade! Throughout the ballroom, the music soars ’Round velvet drapes, o’er marble floors. In hypnotic patterns the dancers turn As the face of […]

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The Noctrium