Four Young Friends

Four young friends, walking unaware, Laughter drifting through autumn air. They do not see, They do not care. Three friends walking, unaware. They don’t feel a patient stare. He’s not there, They don’t care. Two friends creep, each one scared. Suspicious, they don’t dare Cry out: “Who’s there?” One friend crawls, aware. He saw it […]

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Malicious Lullaby

Sleep tight, my darling. Do not fret For things that lie below your bed, that plot and wait for you to sleep Ere crawling out from underneath. Goodnight, my darling. Do not fear Whatever noises you may hear: The groaning of a ghostly step, The sighing of a chilly breath. Rest now, my darling. Just […]

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Pale Thing in the Hospital

Something dripped rhythmically against my forehead, something cold and pungent. I tried to sit up, but there was a weight on my stomach, and the effort made my head throb and spin. With a moan I lay my aching skull back on the pillow, back beneath the steady drip. Whatever it was, it reeked. The […]

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The Noctrium