Morning Bells Are Ringing

This happened back when my son, Zach, was less than a year old. As you can imagine, we had a lot of baby toys scattered around the house. Many of them were electronic, including a plastic book that played songs as you turned the pages. I awoke one morning to the robotic refrain of “Are […]

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From Somewhere Deep

I have a lot of fond memories from my teenage years. This is not one of them. I’d just finished my sophomore year of high school. To celebrate the start of our summer freedom, my younger brother and I spent the evening around a bonfire in the backyard, burning old homework assignments and roasting marshmallows […]

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Memoria Aeterna

The storm of the morning of December twenty-sixth was predicted by no meteorologist. We had no time to prepare. In the still-dark hours, I woke to the ghostly light of moon and stars reflected off snow. The radio, left on overnight to serenade us with lingering Christmas carols, now played only static. It was frigid […]

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Chilling Tales for Dark Nights: A Scary Stories Collection

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Book Series

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights—a horror podcast network that has produced audio dramas of several of my ghost stories—and asked to write an exclusive tale for their upcoming printed anthology. This anthology is meant to be a spiritual successor to the old Scary Stories to Tell in the […]

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Swamp Children on Scary Stories Told in the Dark

Scary Stories Told in the Dark Season 2 Episode 5

The latest episode of the Scary Stories Told in the Dark podcast features Swamp Children from the Noctrium Library, along with three other frightening tales by other authors. You need a patron’s account to hear the full episode, including Swamp Children, but you can listen to the first half of the episode for free. Scary […]

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Oblivion’s Call

Roy’s hand dripped over the chalice. Crimson drops made black in the dimness, echoing as they mingled with the blood of everyone else who had preceded us. “What the—” I began, grabbing for Roy’s arm to pull him back, but he shoved me away. “I don’t even feel it anymore. Besides, it’s a small price […]

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Come Home

It’s the last thing I see before falling asleep. That wisp of shadow cast upon my bedroom wall. I always wonder what’s doing the casting. It can’t be the ceiling fan, it’s the wrong shape for that—but next thing I know my alarm’s ringing and the night is over. I instinctively glance at my phone […]

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