Pages of Dust, Volume IV

Pages of Dust, Volume 4 Book Cover

Cross the Threshold, If You Dare! In the dusty corners of reality, where the darkness refuses to be banished, nightmares lurk. They wait for the curious and unfortunate to stumble out of the well-lit paths of life. Beware, for in opening this book, you part the veil and slip into the realm of the dead. […]

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Hallowdale Book Cover

Welcome to Hallowdale John and Anna thought Hallowdale would be their salvation. Lost and low on fuel, they came to the lonely valley looking for nothing more than directions and a gas station. What they found was the dark history of a place that doesn’t easily give up its prey. This book contains not only […]

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Pages of Dust, Volume III

Pages of Dust, Volume 3 Book Cover

Do You Dare to Look into the Face of Terror? If so, read on. These stories will draw you into the horrifying unknown, where the dead scratch their way into the world of the living. A string of mysterious emails spells doom for whoever receives them. A security guard faces off against an unfathomable terror. […]

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Pages of Dust, Volume II

Pages of Dust, Volume 2 Book Cover

A Ghostly Breath, A Hollow Voice, An Icy Touch The darkest specters of human imagination crawl once more from their shadowed corners. A patient flees the jaws of a hungry monster. A man faces the ghosts of his deranged parents. A father searches a haunted wilderness for his missing son. Turn these pages with care. […]

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Pages of Dust, Volume I

Pages of Dust, Volume 1 Book Cover

Sinister Ghosts, Vengeful Dolls, Hungry Vampires A farmer pays the ultimate price for a good harvest. A boy disturbs a forbidden room filled with hate. A husband learns the secret of his wife’s illness through a fatal encounter. These and other dark horrors lurk within the pages of this chilling collection. So turn down the […]

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