The Others

The Others is my favorite horror movie. Everything about it—the setting, the music, the story—fills me with a late-autumn rush.

Screenshot from The Others

While some people find the pace boring, I think it’s perfect. A fast ghost story is great fun, but sometimes you need to slow down and let the atmosphere seep into you, get lost in an isolated house with strange rules and stranger tenants. The Others is not the scariest movie you’ll ever see, but the moments of terror are perfectly executed. It doesn’t rely on jump scares. There’s not a drop of blood. It’s pure ambiance and white-knuckled dread.

There’s a delightful innocence throughout the whole thing, undercut by a darkness both literal and figurative. This is delivered largely through the performance of the two children, Ann and Nicholas. Child actors are usually hit or miss, but in the case of The Others it’s a devastating hit.

And then there’s the ending. This is a movie you should watch twice to fully appreciate, and that’s all I’ll say.

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