The Conjuring

I’m a strange breed of horror fan who’s wary of an R rating. I don’t want to be drenched with gore, and an hour and a half of people screaming every foul word they can think of gets on my nerves. For moral reasons, I won’t even consider a movie with nudity. The Conjuring contains none of these. Yes, there’s some blood and some strong language, but the movie’s rating is earned almost entirely on scares.

The Conjuring employs a variety of techniques to frighten its viewers. Of course there are the requisite jump scares, but also some downright creepy imagery that will stick with you late at night. It also makes excellent use of childhood fears—is there something under the bed? In the closet? Behind the door? And whatever you do, stay out of that basement! Those moments were some of the scariest, and the ones that kept me from sleeping.

The Noctrium