Blair Witch

What did I love about the original Blair Witch Project? The forest setting. The subtle, urban-legend-style storytelling. The primitive artifacts that had no right to be as creepy as they were. The intensely scary scenes that relied on the unknown.

Blair Witch

The 2016 sequel shares all of this, except toward the end, where Blair Witch decides to let up on the unknown a bit. If the movie has one weakness, this is it. While The Blair Witch Project gave us almost nothing to go on, Blair Witch gives us quite a bit more than nothing.

This is the main complaint I hear, that it shows more than its predecessor. While this is certainly true, I wouldn’t let that keep you from enjoying it. Up until the very end, this movie feels wonderfully like The Blair Witch Project. When it starts to lift the curtain on some of the mystery, it still exercises enough restraint to be scary. Honestly, if this were any other movie besides Blair Witch, I wouldn’t be able to fault the ending at all.

The most important measure by which I judge a horror movie is whether or not it was scary. In the case of Blair Witch, the answer is yes. I jumped, I got goose bumps, and sometimes I just stared at the screen in horror.

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