Come Home

A reclusive man is torn between his desire for a new life and the ghosts of his past. As the anniversary of his tragedy approaches, he is forced to choose between life and death.



John and Anna thought Hallowdale would be their salvation. Lost and low on fuel, they came to the lonely valley looking for nothing more than directions and a gas station. What they found was the dark history of a place that doesn’t easily give up its prey. This book contains not only John and Anna’s terrifying story, but also several short stories detailing the history of the cursed town.

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A boy is stuck in bed with a fever. But as he lies in the dim bedroom, he begins to wonder whether or not he really is the bed’s only occupant.

Break My Chains

A man purchases a mostly vacant plot of land and demolishes its only structure so he can build a house. But he doesn’t know anything about the land’s history. His actions may have unleashed something old. Something evil.

An Open Door to Belief or Doubt

A boy hears ghostly noises at night. But when he tells his parents, they offer warnings instead of comfort. Raised in a household of dread, the boy’s only consolation comes in the form of the family cat.


An aging couple’s wedding anniversary is interrupted by a nasty surprise. Instead of celebrating the past thirty years, they find themselves tormented by an unseen intruder who seems bent on destroying their marriage and their lives.

Dark Matter

I have discovered the single best setting for a ghost story: winter above the Arctic Circle. Vast, empty, cold, and dark.

Dark Matter

Michelle Paver’s Dark Matter spends most of its time describing this setting. But don’t worry about getting bored. One moment you’re humming along with beautiful images of water, ice, light, mountains, and sky; then suddenly, although nothing’s changed, you find yourself afraid. The water, somehow, is terrifying. The alien light is terrifying. The distant mountains are terrifying. You realize this was a place humans were never meant to be. A place where everything, even in its beauty, means death.

Off the Path

A woman checks in with a reclusive friend who recently lost her husband. The widow lives in a charming house in the woods, but a bizarre set of rules holds sway over the property. When broken, these rules unleash the house’s dark secret.