The Noctrium Library

Ghost Stories & Poems

On the Ceiling

A boy is regularly awoken by nocturnal noises. After a harrowing investigation, he decides he must gather proof so his parents will believe him.


A boy runs away from home after breaking a family heirloom. He takes shelter in an abandoned house, but it might not be abandoned after all.


Two night guards investigate a security camera anomaly. Then one of them goes missing, and the other is hunted by an invisible horror.


A family moved into an old house, and in that house was a room with strange wallpaper. It was a floral pattern, with human faces peering from between the leaves and flowers.

The family had a young boy who became fixated on one of the faces. He’d sit in that room and stare at a particular spot on the wall. When asked what he was looking at, he’d answer, “That one has a bad smile.” The parents inspected the face, but couldn’t find anything to set it apart from the others. They attributed it to childhood imagination, and weren’t very concerned.

They were concerned, however, when they found the boy in a different room, one without wallpaper, staring into space.

Like before, they asked him what he was looking at. He answered, “It got out.”