The hall light is out. Daddy said he would change the bulb, but he hasn’t yet. Mommy says he’s bad at finishing things.

I’m scared of the dark. I have to use a flashlight now when it’s time for bed.

Mommy got tired of waiting for Daddy to change the light bulb, and decided to do it herself. She had to stand on a chair to reach, because she’s shorter than Daddy. But the legs snapped, and Mommy broke her arm when she fell.

Our cat is missing. He followed me to bed one night, but left before I fell asleep. That was the last time I saw him.

Mommy’s really mad at Daddy. She made him go to the store after supper to get a new bulb. The one we had broke when mommy fell off the chair. Daddy hasn’t come back yet.

I got scared the other night because of the dark, so I tried calling the dog into my room. He came up the stairs, but wouldn’t walk down the hall. I could hear him whimpering at the other end.

The phone rang a little while ago. Mommy answered it, but I haven’t heard anything else since then. I think Mommy’s crying.

I can see out into the hall when I’m lying in bed. I don’t like it. It’s too dark.

I can hear Mommy coming up the stairs. She’s definitely crying. I think she’s coming into my room, but I don’t want to look. It’s too dark.

I can’t find Mommy this morning. She never did come into my room last night. Daddy never came back either. I don’t know what happened to them. I’m scared.

The batteries in my flashlight are dead, and I can’t reach the cupboard where we keep new ones.

I waited all day for Mommy and Daddy to come back, but they’re still not here. It’s bedtime, but my flashlight doesn’t work. I have to go through the hallway in the dark. I tried to get the dog to come with me, but he won’t go up the stairs. He won’t even come out from under the kitchen table.

I have to go alone, but I’m scared. Where’s Mommy and Daddy? Why is it so dark? I’m so scared.

James Colton



October 11, 2016

Why was the mom crying? But it was scary.

chandler smith

October 11, 2016


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