The Noctrium Library

Ghost Stories & Poems

The musty smell of yellowed pages fills your nostrils as you enter the library and survey the shelves. Cobwebs fill the spaces between worn covers. Each faded spine beckons with the promise of a sleepless night, and for a moment you wonder if you are not imagining the whispered calls that seem to linger in the air.

Off the Path

A woman checks in with a reclusive friend who recently lost her husband. The widow lives in a charming house in the woods, but a bizarre set of rules holds sway over the property. When broken, these rules unleash the house’s dark secret.


A woman is woken in the night by the sound of something moving through her house, knocking on the doors, searching for the room with someone inside.


A couple tells a friend about their paranormal experiences, thinking they’ve solved their problems for good.

Windows to the Soul

A scientist devises a machine to study what happens to a person after death. His excitement gradually turns to dread as the experiment stretches beyond anything he ever imagined.

On the Ceiling

A boy is regularly awoken by nocturnal noises. After a harrowing investigation, he decides he must gather proof so his parents will believe him.


A boy runs away from home after breaking a family heirloom. He takes shelter in an abandoned house, but it might not be abandoned after all.